Katie Morgan - Founder, Director, Acting Coach - The Actors' Surgery.

Katie Morgan - Founder, Director, Acting Coach - The Actors' Surgery.


Katie is absolutely amazing, a 10/10 teacher. Everything we did over the 8 weeks was really, really good. Honestly could not have asked for a better teacher. Thank you for everything so far and for getting me started on this journey.’

David Moriba 10/2018

‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for such an amazing intensive 8 week course. I feel like we covered so much, different topics, techniques and you really pushed me to work on some of my weaker skills. It really gave me so much confidence and I can honestly say I have never worked in such a supportive and generous group of actors and I think that must be down to how you ran the class and the atmosphere you created.’

Mirabel Stuart 10/2018

‘I really enjoyed this course. Katie made me feel extremely comfortable and enabled me to perform at my best due to the confidence and freedom I felt. The group was great too. I’ve made a lot of friends and hopefully we all get to work together again. Katie is honestly the best teacher I’ve had and I agree with her thoughts on Acting. The course was fun, active, and even the days I came in feeling tired after a long day at work, being in her class gave me energy and motivation so thank you again for everything.’

Aziz Huseyin 10/2018

‘Katie has created an environment encouraging positive engagement and helped me to love the art of Acting. Being relatively new to Acting, she made it easy for me to work with more experienced actors in the group and have immense fun doing so!’

Taherul Khan 10/2018

‘It’s not just an Acting class, it’s a whole new London experience directed by Katie in such a way that everyone is involved in the creative process. So you learn by having a lot of fun and interacting with the group in an exciting and thought provoking way. And you don’t want it to end, like a good story. It’s unique, thank you.’

Alexander Naydenov 10/2018

‘Thanks Katie, it’s been truly inspiring. I will definitely recommend you and look out for more of your classes!’

Nicolai Schuemann 10/2018

'It was my 5th year auditioning for top ranked drama schools and I completely believe that Katie was instrumental in me finally getting in. After so many years getting stuck in a rut, choosing the wrong audition speeches most likely and generally not being able to adapt my now honed audition technique, Katie got me back to square one, removed all of the anxieties I already had based on all my drama school audition experience and made me refocus. I honestly couldn't thank her enough for helping me find what I had to show; she has reinstated my self-confidence in a way I desperately needed and I will take her attitude and many of the rehearsal and audition strategies I learned from her in to my school and professional careers. Hope to stay in touch with this inspirational performer and teacher and carry some of what she has instilled in me with me as I move forward! Thank you!!'

Hannah Brennan 06/2017

'Highly recommend character development work and performance techniques with Katie. She brought my monologue to life, which resulted in a compelling performance. I will definitely continue with the tailor made one to one sessions, Katie is a great tutor.'

Ketorah Williams 08/2016

'As a US based actor from Los Angeles, it has been such a pleasure to work with Katie at the Actor's Surgery. I am a professional actor with credits in both television (House, Law & Order, CSI Miami, King of Queens) and stage (Miss Saigon, The King and I)  I took a break from acting for about a year and  have struggled to find the balance of maintaining a demanding day job and keeping my passion for acting. The Actor's Surgery proved to be the perfect place to get back in shape. Katie is a true teacher!'

It is not just a class that allows you to get up and showcase work (Although, we have ample time and opportunity). Katie focuses on using your authentic self to bring truth and power to your work.  We focus on identifying specific objectives and actions--as a result my work has radically changed and I am a more confident and stronger actor.

It is in truly listening in a scene and connecting with your scene partner that your true essence as an actor shines through.  

'Katie is spot on with her insights and directions and gives personalised exercises to cater to a specific scene or monologue. My classmates were amazing and we had such a great time during improvs, games, scenes, and monologue work. We are all cheering one another on and there is absolutely no competition.  I find Katie's class to be a positive and safe environment.  Katie is amazing and I highly recommend this course at any level. If you are a beginner, learning or a professional--your work will change dramatically.' 

Brian Sheehan 01/2016

Katie Morgan’s Acting workshop has made me, as a director, more compassionate about the art of acting and the exposure of oneself that they endure every day in this job. The exercises that we experienced were eye opening. I am normally quite an insecure actor but this idea of starting off with exposure is fascinating as I felt I had nothing to hide – I didn’t once consider what the audience thought of my acting because I was just being myself. This was the first time I felt completely comfortable in myself to be vulnerable and challenged as an actor, which I am still proud of and feel lucky to have had this experience.

Katie’s second session was insightful while still answering some of our questions regarding boundaries and trust between the director and the actor. As a young, insecure director this was extremely helpful as it provided a guideline for how to get the best out of your actor. Through this session with Katie we were encouraged to be clear and assertive - not telling the actors what to do, but what you want to see from them achieved in their own way. Katie’s use of transitional verbs allowed us to visualise this and use this to our advantage. Exploring the text with the use of objectives and actions was wonderful.'

Directing student feedback - london College of Communication, film directing course. 04/2016

'Such a great and warm group, so much fun and Katie is a really great tutor - so insightful and generous. You should take this class.' Lu Smith 11/2015

'Thank you so much. These classes truly remind me why I fall in love with Acting every day.' 

Eme Essien 11/2015

'This ten week course has given great insight into working on characterisation/improvisation and devising, not to mention the social side of getting to work with some great people! Katie is also a fabulous mentor. Thanks!' 

Shen Wolf 11/2015

'Thanks so much for creating a comfortable and safe environment to explore and develop my acting skills.' 

Molly Merwin 11/2015

'The Actors' Surgery has a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere. Katie has great insight and gives useful feedback with helpful tips and techniques suited to your specific needs as an actor. The class is recommended for people needing to keep up practice, hone their skills or look at the way they approach performing differently. Highly recommended!' 

Carling Ernstzen 07/2014

'I thoroughly enjoyed the classes where I was not only able to learn new and different skills  but also to use them. Looking forward to the next sessions.'  

DJ Lonyo 07/2014

'The Actors Surgery has been great in helping me restore my confidence, and tap into what works for me as an actor. It's a comfortable and supportive environment and Katie is honest and direct and really helps to get the very best out of you as an actor' 

Chinwe Nwokolo 07/2014

'The masterclass has been a wonderful experience that I would recommended to anybody who wants to improve their acting. I love the way Katie encourages you to find truth in your acting and to further yourself as an actor. Thanks Katie.'  

Lakshmi Khabrani 07/2014

'The Actor's Surgery was a brilliant learning experience for me. I haven't acted in years and wanted to explore trying it out again, and this was the perfect way to do that. The structure of the classes and the feedback each week really helped me to grow in confidence and keep improving. I'd thoroughly recommend signing up, whether you're an amateur or professional. Katie's approach is really refreshing.'  

Poppy Newdick 05/2014

'I attended The Actor's Surgery as a beginner and found the course both fun and rewarding. The level of work was pitched just right and Katie made everyone feel at ease, providing helpful feedback and insight along the way. We all learnt a lot from her and I'd thoroughly recommend the course.

Thom Feeney 05/2014

'The Actors' Surgery has been a great workshop of new learning, discovery, overcoming fear and embracing opennessA great group of people and a fantastic tutor. The sessions were not only something to look forward to mid-week but also a really valuable place to improve and evolve my skills as a performer. I genuinely took a lot away from these sessions.' 

Diana Bermudez, 02/2014